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Emotional Intelligence in the workplace:
The insights of 5 EU countries

Throughout literature reviews, articles, studies and others researches, the consortium of DISAWORK focused on the situation of emotional skills in the workplace in each partner’s country. Austria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain, the situation in each state has been analysed in order to develop a better understanding and overview of the importance skills have within the workplace

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace:
Focus group common report

The aim of our focus group was to provide a high level perspective and qualitative information on the main points we have reached after the first activity of the project, the state of the art. Furthermore, and according to the results of Task 1.1, we will also present the following list of suggested emotional areas as a departure point for the discussion among the experts. Remember that the final result of these first tasks is the definition of 10 essential emotional skills in the workplace as base for Task 1.3 self-evaluation tool.

Emotions for success: Case Studies on Emotional Management

Employees benefit from a rather wide range of advantages offered by Erste Bank that seem to target three main areas: work-life balance, learning and development and personal well-being. Trust-based working hours, paternity leave, home office as well as a company kindergarten support employees in managing their work-life balance. The second aspect is targeted by means of workshops, seminars and e-learning, which are either provided directly by the company or funded by Erste Bank. Lastly, a Leisure- and Sports Club offering more than 20 types of sports and activities as well as a selection of restaurants supplying healthy nutrition allow employees to foster their wellbeing.