About the Project

Our project is funded under the Erasmus+ Programme.

What We're All About

Promoting Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

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Project Description

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

The 24 months project DISAWORK – Development and Implementation of a Social Emotional Approach to the Workplace – aims at raising the awareness on the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the labor market, providing high quality management in emotional skills to European entrepreneurs, managers and SMEs, as well as their workers and employees.

The project takes off from the assumption that in an everchanging world, the job industry also changes and it requires new skills that can be adapted to new contexts and needs. Entrepreneurs, executives, managers and workers are required to develop new skills and strategies in order to stay in the market and be more able to set new quality standards and fight the risk of unemployment.

In this context Emotional Intelligence is a priority, considered as a new, important and valuable skill and an extra weapon to keep the level of employability, but also the standards of quality in a new economic and social scenario. By creating training tools and for improving Emotional

Intelligence skills, the partner consortium aims to achieve the overall objective of the project, which is to highlight the importance of Emotional Intelligence Skills in the new global scenario.

Expected Results


A map of the 10 main emotional skills entrepreneurs' need to manage for a high performance in business, based on a state-of-the-art research on the field. This will be integrated by the development of self-evaluation tool on these skills, to be used in the workplace.


An online platform hosting a training system for both managers and employees in the 10 emotional skills previously depicted, ensuring an online learning path of at least 30 hours.


A collection of 30 in depth case studies on effective emotional management in the workplace coming from at least all 5 project countries, showing best practices examples in companies developing the concept of emotional salary, the relationships with customers and the emotional wellness in all the areas of the business