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I think Alex’s initial attitude is really common in the workplace. Many of us have an image of our bosses as autocratic authority figures, so we don’t necessarily feel that we can turn to them with a problem. On the other hand, Alex courageously decides to show vulnerability and come of with a solution that can help him to be more efficient and focused on the workplace.
We can learn from the situation, that when we face difficulties we have to trust our supervisors( if it’s a healthy environment of course), and take a chance because the worst that can happen is hearing a no.
We can also learn that it’s extremely important to be empathetic and understanding as a manager. In our current lives, many manners treat people as machines, and that can create a toxic work environment.

I can identify with this situation, I had to communicate similar challenges many times in my life. The fear of the initial moment never goes away, but as I got more experienced, I learned to trust in my supervisors empathy, and I leaders to take even the no for a proposal.