Bringing EQ to the Workplace – updates on the Training Course!

The project DISAWORK and its partnership have successfully completed the development and the implementation of the first round of the DISAWORK Online Training Course, with big pride for its success and with a big “thank you” to all the participants for the commitment and involvement!

The five-week-course has taken place from the 19th of May to the 26th of June and it led us to explore the many aspects of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace and to reflect upon our own and other people’s behavior in order to improve our capability of turning on those specific skills that can allow us as individuals and as workers to live better in all the situations.

Thanks to its balanced mix of webinars and blended, self-paced learning modules, the participants had the opportunity to interact with the trainers and among others, but also to challenge themselves with the rest of the learning materials.

We would like to remind all the people who missed the live opportunity, that The Training Course will be staying available on the DISAWORK platform and it will be possible to check all the webinars, videos, and learning materials at a personal learning rhythm. The platform can be accessed from the website (, by clicking on the “Start Learning” button in the upper right corner: the only thing that will be needed is to create a personal account and register for the Online Training Course.

The objectives of the online course are:

· Describe and define emotional intelligence and identify its components.

· Apply the concept of emotional intelligence to a workplace setting.

· Demonstrate what makes emotional intelligence different from ‘traditional’ intelligence.

· Identify the ability to manage emotional intelligence skills according to the organizational climate and employees’ creativity.

· Detect dangers and opportunities of those emotions in the productive process.

· Encourage participants to implement better emotional management.

From now until the end of September all the materials will be in English with English subtitles, and after that date, we will also provide Italian, Romanian, German, Spanish, and Greek ones.

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